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Blue Logistics Group strengthens its position with the takeover of Fogtmann A/S

In a strategic maneuver to strengthen its presence on the Danish market for food distribution, Blue Logistics Group has announced its takeover of the majority in Fogtmann A/S. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the journey of both companies and at the same time marks the beginning of an expansion of the service portfolio offered by Blue Logistics Group.

Fogtmann A/S, a prominent player in its demanding niche area, brings with it a solid expertise and established customer base which will contribute to the continued growth and differentiation of Blue Logistics Group’s services. Klaus Fogtmann and his team have built an impressive business, and their commitment to this partnership is testament to their shared vision to create a robust foundation for expanded services to existing and new customers.

“We are pleased to welcome Fogtmann A/S into the Blue Logistics Group family and look forward to being able to offer our customers an even wider range of services,” says Nikolaj Meyland-Smith, Group CEO. “Their commitment, partnership mindset and growth ambitions align perfectly with our own values ​​and will help drive our shared success forward.”

Blue Logistics Group’s focus on responsibility in the transport sector matches Fogtmann A/S’s commitment to integrating environmentally friendly solutions into their operations. This makes the partnership even more meaningful as both companies share a vision of doing business in a way that promotes responsibility and respect for the environment.

Furthermore, Fogtmann’s joining Blue Logistics Group is part of a larger positive development for the latter. Despite its relatively short history, Blue Logistics Group has already experienced significant growth and expansion. With several additions to the company portfolio and an expected annual turnover of over half a billion DKK despite its short life, this partnership confirms the company’s ability to achieve its ambitious goals and continue to grow.

“We see Fogtmann and their team as a natural extension of our corporate culture and our focus on customers, responsibility and partnerships,” adds Nikolaj Meyland-Smith. “This partnership not only marks a milestone in our history, but also confirms our continued commitment to fulfilling our stated ambitions.”

Fogtmann’s joining Blue Logistics Group is not only a milestone for the parties involved, but also thoughts Klaus Fogtmann has thought about before – “I would like to be part of something bigger, but where there is still room for me and Rune’s (Ed. CEO Rune Oland Therkildsen) way of doing business together with our colleagues and customers. We know what they want – and otherwise they’ll have to tell us,” says Klaus with a smile on his face – “and that’s how we Juts like it best”.

With the acquisition of Fogtmann A/S, Blue Logistics Group shows its commitment to expanding its position as a leading player in the transport and logistics sector in Denmark. This partnership underscores the company’s ability to adapt and meet customer needs, as well as its dedication to sustainability and value creation in the transportation industry.

The addition to the family with Fogtmann has also led to an introduction to an old acquaintance – because Mikkel Fruergaard (former CEO of NTG) sits on the board at Fogtmann, among others. Perhaps this introduction can lead to another management member at Blue Logistics Group, as there is typically no operation with external board members in the subsidiaries – “let’s see what that dialogue leads to – maybe we can find the melody again – as other companies also enter in the Blue Logistics group, which we expect to be able to say more about within a month,” concludes Morten Mathiesen.

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